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Boundless: Provides powerful tools for managing data and building maps and applications.

HumanGeo: Focuses on Data, Services and Products positioned at the intersection of Big Data applications, social media analytics, and geospatial visualization.

ESRI: Visualize and find the latest mapping data and software.

Spatial Networks: High-fidelity, street-level data captured in context.

MapStory: An open platform for organizing our knowledge about how the world changes over space and time.

Fulcrum: A mobile data collection platform that allows you to easily build mobile forms & collect data anywhere and anytime

CartoDB: Import your own or data from the web easily to visualize trends and create maps

ARCGIS: A free map making and sharing software created by ESRI, one of the best GIS softwares in the world known for ArcMap and ArcGIS. Get experience here before you pay for their more sophisticated software!

Google Mapmaker: Add to and update your own map to share with millions of users in Google Maps

Zeemaps: Create a map from location list, crowd source or spreadsheet

Click2map: Cool and easy map making allows you to create your own map quickly

National Geographic Mapmaker: Tools to help you explore a variety of concepts across various scales

Scribblemaps: Create embeds, images, and map data

AArdvarkmap: Customize Google maps with guided steps

Mapmaker: Free base maps and software to aid in mapmaking

GIS lounge: Introduction to using GIS data, find up to date and interesting types of raster and vector data and further resources to other downloading sites

GIS Geography: Datasets, mapping, software and other GIS related material.

Voyager: References the location of data.

Magpi: Provides tools for mobile data collection, messaging, and visualization.

Free data sources

Free GIS data: A list of links to over 300 sites providing freely available geogprahic datasets, all ready for loading into a Geographic Information System.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) : National Weather Service data sets available in formats that are able to be imported directly into (GIS)

Numbeo: Amongst one of the largest database of contributed data about cities and countries

American FactFinder: Source for population, housing, economic and geographic information

Census TIGER Products: Data direct from the US Census Bureau available in various files types and shapefiles

US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in labor economics and statistics

UN Environment Programme (UNEP): Collection of economic and social statistics for Member States

Global Administrative Areas (GADM): Spatial database of the world’s administrative areas for use in GIS and other software

DIVA GIS: Free computer program for mapping and geographic data analysis

Natural Earth: Free vector and raster data available in various scales

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN): Data direct from the Earth Institute at Columbia University

U.S. Geological Survey: Scientific agency for natural and earth science data The home of the US Government’s open data

NYC Open Data: Up-to-date data direct from NYC’s Open Street Maps

NYC Planning: Data from the city’s planning website.



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